Your data will be transmitted via the internet to Bouygues Energies & Services Schweiz AG (hereinafter "Bouygues") in Switzerland. Bouygues shall only use the data received for the purpose of processing applications in the context of leasing parking spaces that are on the property of, or are owned by, Credit Suisse Group (hereinafter "Credit Suisse"). The data will not be passed on to third parties.

The internet is a publicly accessible system and data transmitted via the internet can be viewed by anyone and, under certain circumstances, may be transmitted using networks from third party providers. Maintaining the confidentiality of the information that will be transmitted cannot be guaranteed when using such open networks or networks from third party providers. When transmitting data over an open network or networks from third party providers, data may become lost or reach the wrong addressees, who may then collect and use this data. Even if the consignor and the recipient live in the same country, data transmission frequently takes place over such networks and also via third countries without controls – i.e. countries that may not offer the same level of data protection as the country in which you are domiciled. You acknowledge and agree that your data will be transmitted via an open, accessible network.

Bouygues will process and store the data received from you in Switzerland. The duration for storing rental documents conforms to legal guidelines and totals at least 10 years after expiration of the contract.


Bouygues and Credit Suisse accept no responsibility and reject any warranty obligation or liability for the content of third party websites that link or refer to Bouygues. Bouygues and Credit Suisse have no influence on the layout, content, or offers of the linked sites and reject any warranty obligation and liability for these websites.

In particular, Bouygues and Credit Suisse assume no liability for direct or indirect losses that could arise in connection with using the internet or Bouygues websites.



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